Adler and Trauma - Anthea Millar

Published: 15 Jun 2021
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What is at the heart of being human? Alfred Adler proposed that it is our basic social embeddedness and need for connection and belonging. Drawing on this view, it would follow that all human problems are social problems, the individual and society being inextricably linked – traumatic events unfortunately being part of this human experience.Recent key developments in understanding the biopsychosocial factors underpinning traumatic experience and effective therapeutic interventions intriguingly echo Adler’s views of over 100 years ago.

In this lecture (1hr 40min in total), Anthea Millar outlines Adler’s core ideas, and professional connection with Freud and Jung. Then drawing on her own practice using anonymised case studies, she will identify how Adler’s approach provides a valuable framework for integrating many of the developments in neuroscience and contemporary trauma informed therapy. Anthea Millar is Vice President of the Adlerian Society in London and a co-editor of the UK Adlerian Journal. She has many years’ experience as an Adlerian psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer, and a busy therapy and supervision practice where she specialises in trauma work.

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